‘At The Wellness Mill we offer a broad range of massage therapies to suit your needs- including Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Cupping, Dry-Needling, Lyphatic Drainage, Hot Stone and Pregnancy Massage.’

Never had a massage before? Massage is a type of body work treatment that uses pressure and hand techniques to release tension and pain.

Do you experience pain and discomfort, need help recovering from sports injuries or just feel like you need something to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated again? Then Massage may be what you need. At The Wellness Mill we offer a broad range of massage therapies to suit your specific needs. The benefit of having multiple massage treatment options is that you can tailor your treatment to what you need right now.  

Massage is not only fantastic for relieving pain, it will also increase circulation, reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation for the entire body and mind. 

Massage can treat a large range of physical conditions including:

 ✔️Back, neck and shoulder pain




✔️Connective tissue, Ligament and Tendon conditions



✔️Sports Injuries

✔️General relaxation and stress reduction

What we Offer

Remedial Massage
If you have a chronic injury or pain the Remedial Massage may be for you. Your therapist will assess your condition and then discuss with you where treatment is needed. They will then discuss a treatment plan and will use deep tissue massage to relieve the pain or tension.

HICAPS rebates are available for all Remedial Massage Treatments.

Your Therapist:

Jen Atkin

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones to stimulate increased circulation and muscle relaxation.

Your Therapist:

Jen Atkin

Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage, or relaxation massage is used for relaxing the body and mind. It is a fantastic way to de-stress and is suitable for people who would like to treat themselves to some self-care.

Your Therapist:

Michelle Portell

A cupping treatment will involve your therapist using special ‘cups’ on your skin to create suction and improve blood flow. Cupping is great for a deep tissue, anti-inflammatory and relaxing treatment that is used for chronic conditions as well as acute pain and discomfort.

Your Therapist:

Jen Atkin

Dry Needling
Dry needling is a technique used for muscular pain and myofascial dysfunction. Dry needling uses similar techniques and instruments as Acupuncture and aims to stimulate neuroreceptors to reduce pain and discomfort.

Your Therapist:

Jen Atkin

Our Massage Therapist

Jen Atkin

Jen Atkin

Jen uses a multi-faceted approach to healing by using multiple massage techniques and modalities to treat pain, stress and achieve relaxation.  You can also recieve Health Fund Rebates with Jen.

Jen is Available for Consultations:

Monday- Friday  8am- 6pm

Saturday 8am-12pm

Sunday 8am-12pm

Want to Know More?

Call us on (07) 5352 3650 to talk to one of our staff members. Alternatively click the Book Online button and take action towards good health today.


How much does it cost to see a Massage Therapist?
Our prices vary between practitioner, type of massage and length of treatment- proces range from $60 to $150. Head to our BOOKING page for more information.
How long do they appointments go for?
You can choose how long you would like your treatment with all of our practitioners, we offer 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute, 75 minute and 90 minute treatments so that you can fit your massage into any schedule.
Do any of the therapists offer HICAPS rebates?
Yes, for our Remedial Massage treatments with Jen Atkin.