‘Naturopathy utlises knowledge in nutrition, herbal medicine, iridology and flower essences, and applies this to a holistic model of care, aimed at treating the body and mind’

Naturopathy is a holistic modality that aims to treat the body and mind using various forms of treatment, including herbal medicine, nutrition, diet & lifestyle advice

Naturopathy suits patients who would like to explore their health concerns by looking at the body as a whole picture. Naturopathy doesn’t just treat the symptoms of ill health, but aims to delve deeper by uncovering causative factors in relation to lifestyle, diet and  the  environment.

Naturopathy utlises knowledge in nutrition, herbal medicine, iridology and flower essences, and applies this to a holistic model of care, aimed at treating the body and mind. Naturopaths have a broad understanding of nutritional and herbal medicine, as well as lifestyle factors that can contribute to ill health, allowing Naturopathy to suit a wide range of people and their health concerns.

All of our Naturopaths are qualified and have extensive experience in a wide range of health concerns, so that you can be assured you are receiving the best care.

Naturopathy can treat:

✔️ Anxiety


✔️Digestive Health

✔️Thyroid conditions

✔️Autoimmune conditions

✔️Low Immunity

✔️Allergies and Food Intolerances

✔️Pregnancy, Pre/Post natal Health

✔️Children’s Health

✔️Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Rashes

✔️Hormonal Inbalances, PMS


✔️Stress, Low energy

✔️Viral, Bacterial or Fungal Infections

What does a Naturopathy Consultation Include?


Individualised Dietary Analysis

Our Naturopaths will analyse your diet, provide you with scientifically based dietary considerations and keep you on track for your health goals. Your Naturopath will provide guildlines for your condition as well as creative recipes to suit your lifestyle.



Pathology & Functional Testing

Analysis of previous pathology testing and recommendations for functional testing are available at The Wellness Mill through our Naturopaths, we have a range of testing options, all of which will provide further understand of your case.



Evidence Based Supplements

Our Naturopaths will occasionally use high quaity, stringently tested nutritional and herbal supplements to help support your health. All of the supplements we use, and the dosages we adminster are backed-up by scientific research.


Our Naturopaths

Kylie Smart

Kylie Smart

Kylie specialises in natural treatments for Anxiety and Fatigue. With a background in Kinesiology and Energetic Medicine, Kylie integrates the use of Evidence Based Naturopathic Medicine and Emotional Work to bring clients back to health.

Kylie is Available for Consultations:

Monday 9am- 5pm

Tuesday 9am-5pm

Thursday 9am-5pm

Caron Von Bardeleben

Caron Von Bardeleben

Caron integrates Homeopathy and Naturopathy to create a complete holistic approach to natural medicine. Caron has years of experience in her field and specialises in Women’s, Children’s and Supportive Trauma Health and Wellness.

Caron is Available for Consultations:

Wednesday 9am- 5pm

Friday 8am-5pm

Want to Know More?

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How much does it cost to see a Naturopath?
An initial consultation is $110, and follow up consultations are $85
What do I need to bring to a Naturopath consultation?
Most of the time you won’t need anything, however if you have any recent test results that relate to your case, you can bring them along for analysis.
Will natural medicines interfere with my medications?
Our Naturopaths are highly trained and experienced, they also have training in herb- drug and nutrient- drug interactions so that your medications are not affected.