Kirra Morrill


Kirra is a qualified Naturopath (BHsc Naturopathy) who has a particular interest in Women’s and Children’s Health. Since becoming a Mother Kirra understands the health challenges that Women and Children face pre and post natally. Kirra uses a down-to-earth and individualised approach to healing, meaning she creates treatment plans with clients to suit their lifestyle and health needs.

Kirra also has an interest in the following conditions:

  • Women: Period pain, PCOS, endometriosis, Cycle irregularities, fertility, pregnancy (pre, during and post), breastfeeding, thyroid conditions, gut and digestive issues,stress, depression/ anxiety, autoimmune conditions, frequent colds/flu’s, food intolerances, inflammation.
  • Children: Allergies, food intolerances, frequent colds/ flu’s, immune conditions, ear, nose and throat issues, pain, rashes, feeding concerns, behavioural issues
  • Families: stress, anxiety/depression, fertility (males and females)

“Studying Naturopathy has given me the tools to treat many conditions using herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, flower essences, iridology, dietary analysis and lifestyle suggestions to help my clients achieve the very best in life.  The healing process is complex, and I endeavour to give you the tools to not only heal the physical body, but also the mind and emotion that underlies any physical condition”