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A place that supports health, wellness and local community. The Wellness Mill is made up of our Organic & Bulk Wholefoods Store, and our Multi-Modality Clinic so that you have all of your health needs, in one location.

The Wellness Mill Store

Bulk Wholefoods

We stock a large range of bulk food bins including nuts, rice, pasta, flour, snacks and so much more. In our bulk wholefoods room you can stock up on all of your pantry essentials without using plastic packaging. Here you can bring in your own jars, containers or bags to fill up and put straight back into your cupboard, making shopping convenient, cost effective and eco friendly.

Pantry Essentials

Our pantry room contains a huge variety of organic, locally sourced and unique items to fill your cupboards. We stock everything from organic corn chips to gluten free pastas and herbal teas. We also have a fridge and freezer section where you will find yoghurts, cheeses, vegan alternatives and ice-creams.

Organic Coffee

Come in store and grab an organic coffee courtesy of Mambo Specialty Coffee. We use Cooloola Milk and also stock all common alternative milks, you can even try out Hemp milk if you like. If coffee isn’t your thing we also do Turmeric latte’s, Beetroot latte’s, Sticky brewed Chai and Hot Chocolates. Our store also sells coffee beans by Mambo, or you can come in and ask to get the beans ground up so you can enjoy this great coffee from home.

Natural Cleaning and Bath Products

We stock all of your natural cleaning, shower and bath products made by local producers. Come into our store and stock up on bulk Kin Kin dishwashing liquid (one of our best sellers) or pick up some toothpaste for the kids. We also sell bulk body wash, shampoo and conditioner, plastic free toothbrushes and packaging free shampoo bars.

Mill Street Markets

Come along every Sunday to The Mill Street Market which is now located on the grounds of The Wellness Mill. Pop in store for a coffee made by our baristas and browse the local stores on offer. The market runs every Sunday from 7am to 12pm. For more information visit The Mill Street Markets website.

The Wellness Mill Clinic

“We understand that health is not just as simple as taking supplements, but requires nourishing all aspects of you.”

Our multi modality clinic is designed to be a one-stop holistic centre to treat everybody’s needs. Here at The Wellness Mill we understand that health is not just as simple as taking supplements, but requires nourishing all aspects of you. That is why we have carefully selected modalities and practitioners that will treat body and mind, so that you recieve the best care. Our practitioners work together to treat patients, so whether you choose to see a Naturopath or a Psychologist, we will endeavour to work together to achieve good health for long-term benefits.

Our Services


Using herbal medicine and nutritional medicine, Naturopathy will unearth and heal the cause of your condition.


Nutritional medicine uses        dietary advice, lifestyle  and quality supplements to treat various complaints.


Homeopathy uses a wide range of non-toxic  supplements which allows the body to use it’s own healing processes.


Psychology uses various techniques to highlight people’s strengths and reduce difficulties and limitations to increase satisfaction in life.


Acutonics is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment that has is similar to Acupuncture. Acutonics will leave you feeling balanced.


We offer remedial, therapeutic, hot stone massage, reflexology and more that will have you feeling rejuvinated and revitalised.


Kinesiology uses the art of muscle monitoring to access the bodies innate healing abilities to achieve balance.

Our Mission is to provide a nuturing place for the people of Nambour to gather, learn, be supported and nourished with Organic produce, Wholefoods and Natural Medicine.

Meet The Team

Kylie Smart

Kylie Smart

Owner, Naturopath & Kinesiologist

Caron Von Bardelebon

Caron Von Bardelebon

Naturopath & Homeopath

Zita Dixon

Zita Dixon


Jen Atkin

Jen Atkin

Remedial Massage Practitioner

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Address: 5-7 Mill Street, Nambour, Qld 4560

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